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New Orleans, LA
reply to SlashG42

Re: [LA] Frequent disconnects

Tech visited yesterday to isolate noise but connection dropped again today. Called in problem to reported it to Cox tech support & their phone jockey's answer is to perform hard reset on modem & router. Have plenty of practice with resets at this point. Asked phone boy if he would record our outage & he responded we didn't have an outage. So the sorry service continues & they talk a good game but have no solutions.


Metairie, LA
·Cox HSI
·AT&T Southeast
I went through all this several months ago. You need to just keep calling out trucks. After a few, it throws a flag in the system and they will send out a "real" Cox tech, not some ignorant contractor who knows nothing beyond how to crimp RG-6 connectors.

Think I went through 5 contractors before some senior guy came out and found the problem. Later that week they replaced the buried line from my house to the pedestal that two lots over. All is well now.

Your persistence has to be greater than their indifference.