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Altoona, PA
reply to EnerJi

Re: Speeds slow around 7pm...

I'd be happy to look into it. I do know what you mean, what I can tell you is sometimes its hard to be sure that the other side is able to match your bandwidth.

What I mean, I have 20mb with Atlantic Broadband in PA. So I speed test on Atlantic Broadband's site, or speedtest.net, shows around 20mb. So I download a game on a service called Steam. I get 2.5Mbps which is equal to 20mbps. All good. So then I go to my Playstation 3, run a speedtest, 14.9mbps. Why the difference? I'm not sure honestly. My personal wireless router performs well, I can use wifi on laptops and ipads and get good results. So either the PS3's internal wireless adapter isn't up to par with the rest of my network, or the server they test to isn't accurate.

If we see problems a lot of places, a test called a trace route is useful to see where the problem may be. The problem could be outside of our network, and a trace route is the tool to show us that.

I have in the past, as a troubleshooting tool had customers download a large file, like a ISO for Ubuntu (a free to download linux OS) and see what throughput they get. I would be glad to look over your connection, and do some troubleshooting with you to see if there is a problem in network, or elsewhere. You can private message me on these forums with some account info and I'll start taking a look at your account.

As a general note, I usually check these forums 2 or 3 times a week depending on how busy we are etc.


Altoona, PA
Speaking of routers. My package says that it includes free WIFI on my bill, what does that mean? Does that mean I can pick up a router to use for free, or does someone have to install it?

I have an existing router, but it is years old. Just wondering.


Altoona, PA
We started leasing routers a year or so ago. Some of the bundle deals include a router without an additional monthly charge. However, they do require the tech to come out and install them, and configure them. Basically if we are going to support the router, we're going to have to send someone out to hook it up and configure it. I know there are people out there who could set up their own router, I'm sure most of the people posting here could, but that is the company line. I don't want to quote the price because I'm not 100% sure it is the same in all markets, but it is usually less than a standard service call charge. Call customer service and double check. The current brand of router we carry is a Cisco-Linksys e1500.

They are testing all in one devices instead of stand alone routers now, so this may all change in the future.