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[BC] Scared to upgrade to shaw

Its no surprise that I am a big cisco fan. I use to like SMC but then all the bugs and firmware hackers scared me off. Currently I have DSL the service is just deadfull. I was promised 6MB down and 1MBS up with Telus and then tweaked it (ran my own servers) I run tight then reduced latency and overhead to about 4MBS down and still wasn't happy. So I switch to a DSL competetor.

I hoped that I would finally get the whole channel but it seems that the competition leases the line from telus and then split the channel yet again. Now its 2.16 and not budging. Sometimes it goes down to 1.5 during what I can only describe as updates or pushes of 60 or so megs a day in courtenay.

I can't seem to get anything I pay for except with shaw. But when I get shaw everything runs great. Then they say that I am in violation of something and some guy that really does sound like he likes causing me discomfort tells me I violated something and disconnects me.

A long long long time ago I did have 4 interviews with shaw when I was a little boy.

What I dont understand is why they disconnect me.

How can running at peak perficiency and smoothly assisting with back pressure on servers so they run hotter and better cause problems?

Honestly its not my goal to make anyone look bad or annoy anyone.

If the lead push just cares about speed and not clear internet bandwidth channels its not my fault.

I go to my relitieves places and use there 27 meg a second connection with under 30ms pings and I really get envious.

Currently I am paying 155 install and 85 a month for

6/1 but really only getting 35%/73% of the channel and splitting it with someone it seems.

Too boot I have a telus phone. Its garbage at the best of times and when I pick it up it has dual dial tones. I suspect one for me and another for the wire tap.

Its constant static makes me feel like I am in a FBI investigation from the shows back in the 80's. While I am sure the cable division has better things to do than listen to me I miss my old 100MBS connection it was awesome.

I really want to get it back but 85 bucks a month is allot I really would like a cisco modem specially made for me from VA if I was to get it.

I nice blue strip down the center with racing pins would be ideal if you have one in stock. If not could you just smile and wave at all the land speed records I have won in the past.

Sincerely, Big Earl

Calgary, AB

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Cisco modem, in bridge mode so it is just a modem, and use your own router, you can put whatever you want on it.

If you are running servers, there is a good chance you were violating the residental terms of service running servers.

Business internet is close in price to residental, BB50 50/5, includes basic cable, and a static IP, 1 year promo either $79 or $49 depending on where you live...

You would not be able to bring/use your own modem, it has to be a modem supplied by Shaw.

The other bonus with a business account, is $10 for a second modem with the same speed profile - Shaw won't bridge it for you, it 'has' to be in router mode, but there are tricks that you can use to bridge it yourself...
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One gigabit and ten gigabit connections are commonplace in the rest of the world. 6/1 dsl soon will be phased out it's so antiquated. AT&T couldn't even find any buyer for their dsl network... no demand none at any price.

I have to totally agree with you. Shaw is going in the right direction for once. DSL is out to lunch its so slow and can't deliver on anything they promise. 37% seems a bit ridiculous even shaw usually hits around 90% on there promised bandwidth. However I have had problems with them in the past on C updates and provisionings. Dont get me wrong I am not a complete idiot but I do understand a few things on bandwidth allocation mechanisms. I have had my connection throttled before its no picnic. Though it would be awesome to have a tech that knows what hes doing when your picking lines out there with your livelyhood. I think rural areas are taking the hit on price on literally " ANY HIGHSPEED AVAILABILITY " . How many times do you have to do the same thing. No one services this address and yes there is no black boxes here.

And no I dont want that job that bad.

Seriously though remember the days of black box secrecy and everyone would ahh at the mystery of recordings of things of a disturbing nature.

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That sounds interesting. Heres my dillemma. To me it would appear whatever I do in my life someone is mirroring my connection and phone line. Not sure why this would be going on.

I dont think I am interesting in any way but I do know lines have to be maintained. FORWARD DNS SERVERS is essential to the operation of the internet. I dont really understand why something would be in the TOS that says the customer can't do something which could increase the speed and latency and recursion time of whatever its connected to by as much as 90%.

Without forward servers the internet would just sit grinding away looking for a domain name whether its google yahoo, EDGECAST, bing LYCOS or whatever you mix with.

It seems like its more of a attitude issue. I can work with anyone anywhere in the world and make something better thats not working well or at all.

Why would anyone take offense to that is beyond me.

The speed thing essentially is rather stupid to me since it seems I have two choices. Pay allot for something that has a attitude that charges a fortune for business because poor customer service seems to pay the bills.

Im so tired of this guys.

Its time to grow up really terry sorry I mean whoever you are.

The choice seems to be extortion to me. What I am currently paying is F'in ridiculous for like I said previous a fraction of what I am paying for. Now they are charging 10 bucks a month more for a static IP " If not the loser rolls it every 8-12 hours " and now a extra 2.50 just for bills to be sent.

Not sure why anyone would roll a ip other than be annoying shaw has never done this or telus. I just can't seem to get a mature solution for internet just the same hassle. What is everyones problem?

There isn't enough real choices. I remember the days of CADVISION man did that work awesome 127KBS upstream 900KBS downstream ALL DAY LONG. never a hiccup never a problem perfect pings and then telus bought them and like everything telus buys it became telus quality shortly afterwards.

I was hoping I would get he same type of connection this time around but no.

Yup that connection was cool RDSL ran a line from the pole to the house. Nowadays I get nothing but lies on the phone and its irritating having no options. Sure the location sucks but the attitude I guess is what is the real problem. So I have to pay 400 bucks a month more for a adult that actually understands the internet?

Im just tired in general of getting d1cked around.

I guess I will just put this social assistance money aside by my near genius Iq and keep paying for internet phone shelter etc. And spend my big 50 bucks on something for myself a month.

I wonder somedays why vancouver island is so different from other cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton which seem to have so many job oppurtunities.

You need a phone to get a job offer, internet helps the job search too but if its the same people collecting your info that are just doing that. Collecting intel not offering a job it becomes rather pointless applying at the same job over and over and over again.

How perfect for the job do you have to have , how much experience. How many degrees. Maybe she was right , I better go to mcDonalds.


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I still dont understand what the problem is. Can you chill a bit, relax and write about the issue here?

An explanation of what you are trying to do would be nice.
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Burnaby, BC
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Re: [BC] Scared to upgrade to shaw

Meth, meth or crack, or something else.

Either case I just wasted all this time reading this BS.

Calgary, AB
This wasn't as bad as the Internal Gateway thread...