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Ai Otsukaholic
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Again with Google fiber and the so-called startups

Again with the startups that do nothing.

Startups with no money and can't attract any money...awesome for KC. KC doesn't want to become another Silicon Valley? Really? High paying jobs suck that much? Economic activity is really that bad? No, more like KC can't attract the money to be another Silicon Valley while they would give both nuts and an arm for it. You mean Larry Ellison wouldn't dump his new Malibu pad for a 4BR 2.75BA in KC? Come on now.

A few people in a house sharing Internetz does zero for economic activity. If Google wanted to contribute something important, they should have put fiber where it could actually do some good, where it could have attracted CAPITAL and created jobs. Perhaps if Google really wanted to do something, they would put 1000 of their employees in a satellite campus in KC.

But alas, like much of what Google does, it is symbolism over substance and the parent's basement dwelling 28 year old nerds eat it up like Cheez-its and Jolt. Page, why don't you go sell out another dissident to the Chi-coms?


Avon, OH

The "Home for Hackers" that is housing these startups cost $48,000. Why WOULDN'T you want to buy basically a $48,000 data center location? If the startups don't demand 99.99999% availability, it shouldn't be that much worse for the "free" price that they're paying to live / host there than anywhere else.

At these prices, they don't NEED to attract millions just to get the company off the ground, as opposed to places like CA.


reply to skeechan

I prefer Vodka with Cheezitz myself.

There are already hundreds of startups in KC not associated to GFiber, have been many over the years including about 900 software companies and small shops with a lot of Android developers. But it is true that startups do small business loans rather than attract outside VC. Maybe Gfiber will change that. There sure is a lot of attention towards KC.

And BTW, over 500 tech/IT shops in KC are hiring...


Carbondale, IL
reply to talz13

Data centers? I don't think so...


"Your Google Fiber account is for your use and the reasonable use of your guests. Unless you have a written agreement with Google Fiber permitting you do so, you should not host any type of server using your Google Fiber connection, use your Google Fiber account to provide a large number of people with Internet access, or use your Google Fiber account to provide commercial services to third parties (including, but not limited to, selling Internet access to third parties)."

Ai Otsukaholic
reply to xenophon

Their parents will pony up for CoD and Cheez-its but not the Vodka.