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Re: Rogers Killing Cable TV

Ya go with high Definition antenna. Many companies installing these professionally. Around $700 (one time install) and that's it no monthly fees. Cable and Satellite suck so does fibe. High definition antenna compared to HD programing from sat or cable is like night and day.. antenna is true HD not compressed crap the big boys provide!


Ottawa, ON

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I think I'm going to cancel my movie networks nothing on there but garbage and plus I have netflix. I pay like $140 for cable TV so now I'm going to look @ my option my contract exp in July so we see who ever gives me a better deal. I see CRTC get there 1% cut so of coarse Rogers got kiss ass. Rogers and Bell have the monopoly CRTC should open up like other carriers from the states then you would see price drops Bell and Rogers are just has dirty ask a crooked politician

That"s my 2 cents worth on this

This is what I give rogers on a monthly bases> but this month be lower cuz I haven't went over my little pee-wee Data allowance of 250GB so rogers aint getting my $100 bucks for last month,but yes I'm going to cut down my TV for sure

Kanata, ON
said by dabonz:

I pay like $140 for cable TV

Wow, $140/month just for cable TV!?

We've been gradually weaning ourselves from Bell & Rogers and cut the final cord (Bell satellite TV) last spring. Now we pay a total of just over $142/month plus tax for all of: 2 smartphone plans (Koodo deal in Nov/Dec), home phone (voip.ms), Internet (Acanac), and TV (antenna, Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu).

I posted some of the specifics on Adventures in Canadian cord cutting in case you're curious.

Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
reply to Rocc
He's in London, he'd likely not get much in London.

I even thought about digital OTA, but because the way digital OTA works, you're not likely to get many channels if you're much more than 40 miles out. I think even with a 40 foot antenna, I'm only getting Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener and that's it. Not even Buffalo. (just outside the line)

Back in the days of analog, you'd pull anything in with 100 miles with a relatively small roof-top antenna. My grandma lived in Guelph and pulled in everything, no need for cable. 29 Buffalo (Fox as it is known as now) was a bit fuzzy at times.
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Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
reply to dabonz
I thought I was paying too much: