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reply to JMJimmy

Re: [News] Judge Grants Adjournment: TSI vs Voltage.

said by JMJimmy:

Kinda sad she titled it "illegal downloading case" since it's about uploading not downloading.

wrong again
the legal term is
file sharing and even the rcmp wont bother you as long as your not making a counterfeit item and trying to sell it....
ergo you give a disc to your buddy it costs about 1$ ( cdr ) charge that only and there is no profit
if its a bluray thats 3$
if you make the sleeve , put a lalbel on it that looks like the store and then put it in case with a store like cover and sell in a store well that's commercial and the rcmp will get you

so you have
non commerical file sharing
commerical file sharing

pirate is not used as thats a term for robbery cases at sea.
in fact i'd say anyone saying that is slandering and defaming ones character...no one stole the original nor did anyone use robbery to take said item.


·TekSavvy DSL
funny - please, read the legal filings before replying to any of my comments.

a declaration that the Defendants’ unauthorized reproduction and distribution of the Plaintiffs Copyrighted cinematographic Works, listed in Schedule “A” (the “Works”), constitutes an infringement of the rights contrary to sections 27(1) and 27(2) of the Copyright ACI;

Unauthorized reproduction = alleged infringement
distribution = uploading

And Atticka: You are partially correct in that part of their statement of claim alludes to damages for commercial infringement. This can be viewed in a couple ways 1) They are covering their bases 2) They intend to make a case for P2P = commercial infringement

The latter would be really hard to do since there's no monetary gain in P2P. The thrust of their statement of claim is about the damages incurred due to the distribution of their works. If they made their case on the downloading of a film the most they would likely get is $100 + costs. By making it about uploading (distribution) they are trying to maximize their potential return to be closer to the $5,000 + costs.