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Jacksonville, IL

[IL] Sticky/Static IP Problems

I work for a business that has Mediacom cable modem service. We pay extra each month for a static IP to allow us to use VPN services. Every time the node gets changed for our location so did our "static" IP. In October they implemented a new "managed switch" so that our IP could stay the same no mater which node we were in. Unfortunately since that change we have consistently had 4 or more outages a month where the static IP won't work, but if we change the router to DHCP we can get on fine. Tech support has looked at this multiple times and always seem to say there is no problem since it works with DHCP. We've replaced our "router" (Cisco ASA 5505) and the problem still remains.

Has anyone else ran into this problem? Usually it clears on its own, but it can take up to 2 hours as if something is timing out.



Re: [MN] no router or firewall in standard install?

Ironically, my 'dynamic' IP has remained unchanged for over a year now. DynDNS keeps sending emails that I havent updated my IP in x months, and I have to force an update with no changes.


Des Moines, IA
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Re: [IL] Sticky/Static IP Problems

When your IP stops working have you restarted/cleared the ARP Cache on your ASA?


Jacksonville, IL
Yes, we've restarted the ASA multiple times to no avail. The packets from the ASA just won't make it past the gateway address.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
Hello byte228, feel free to private message me your account or phone number and I would be happy to look into this for you.

Columbia, MO
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Does Business support have your MAC address for the devices with static IP's in the friendly list for you business account? If not every so often they run a maintenance that will boot any MAC address that they see that are not in the friendly list. If that seems to be the case you will need to call them up and get your MAC addresses added to that list for you account.


Jacksonville, IL
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Chad was able to get me in touch with the right people. It turned out to be an issue with the upstream signal strength at one of the amplifiers.