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Ventura, CA

[Availability] Stuck with DSL Pro Internet at 3Mbps?

I've had this same DSL plan for years and up until the last year or two it's been acceptable. But now with streaming (Netflix, YouTube, etc.) it's really bogging down. According to the availability tool on ATT's web site my plan is the highest speed I can get. I checked several other homes in my neighborhood (I live in Ventura, CA) with the same result. Is there anyway I can tell whether Uverse is at least going to happen in my lifetime where I live or a way I can encourage a faster arrival? The map I found on this forum suggests the closest Uverse subscriber is a good 20 miles away.

Warner Robins, GA
There is nothing you can do. AT&T has a super secret Uverse deployment plan that they do not share with anyone outside the company's need to know list.

By 00hrs:00min:01sec AM on Wednesday January 1st 2020 AT&T will be completely finished with Uverse deployment. If you are not connected to Uverse by that date and time, you will never be connected to Uverse, based on recent AT&T news releases and other communications.

This date and time could be extended if the AT&T stockholders become enlightened to the need for wire(fiber) based internet access and change the board of directors, who in turn would replace management, who then would continue to expand hard wired Uverse deployment.


Ventura, CA
reply to wxman28
Thanks for the info. I suspected as much.


Placentia, CA
I'm struggling with 2.6 Mbps with AT&T DSL, very borderline for streaming. Strangely, AT&T says our area has such poor wires they can't upgrade the DSL but get this: they do sell U-Verse! In fact my neighbor has it.

Here's the inside U-Verse story: