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Rochester, NY

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Re: [DSL] DSL down in Richmond Indiana?

I believe that Frontier is doing network upgrades and you are not the only person to have a loss of service I had same thing I had a green light on the modem for a good DSL link but no inet and was able to get things working with several reboots of all my lan and home devicess. After I got things to work I did have a new rang of IP's I was now on.
I would even try a hard reset of the dsl modem that resets back to the modems default state and then use a hardwire to do first access most or all of them will force any atempt to access the web to open the default modems setup wizard.


The network has been spotty all day. It is probably just a coincidence that they use a lot of Linux and an incredibly buggy Fedora 18 was released yesterday.

In fact I am sure that it is just a coincidence that all of Frontier's non-weather related outages coincide with major Linux releases.


reply to gozer
I tried a hard reset which was a mistake... Now the router won't let me use it for wifi to connect EyeTV to my iPhone. It now wants a password I don't know. I hadn't passworded it before (signal doesn't go beyond the porch). My old password was forgotten by the router during reset. The default userid (admin) and password (password) work to get me into the dslrouter page, but since there is no dsl connection - can't look at anything on the menu. At one point I saw a dialog box indicating the page wanted a WEP key, but that was only once and not ever again. If my iPhone is looking for a WEP key, I have no idea what it is. I've seen others say the 10 character default key is on a sticker near the barcode under the router. No separate sticker, it came with WEP disabled and I didn't enable it. The only numbers on the plate containing the barcode are generally various 12 digit numbers that really don't seem too relevant. Any ideas? Or do I have to just wait for the new router to arrive and start all over? Is the lack of dsl Internet connection the problem and if that's ever restored, I'll be able to fixit on the dslrouter page? Don't know how WEP got suddenly enabled in the first place.