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Edgewood, TX
reply to wftomlin1

Re: Home Fusion disconnects

got the disconnect just before midnight and within a couple of minutes I had internet access, but the 4G-LTE indicator on the router just kept flashing red. The HBA is `Unreachable'.

I power cycled the HBA (Cantenna) and then the HBR (Router). No change in the flashing red indicator. Issued a reboot on both the HBA and HBR.. Still no change and I did wait 15-20 minutes after the power cycle to trying rebooting. Still showing `Unreachable' to the HBA.

All this time I could still get out to the internet with no problems.

Last thing I decided to do was restore the HBR to factory settings.

Within 1 minute of doing the restore. The 4G-LTE light was flashing green and I could access the HBA and I was showing connected to 4G on the main screen. There is something definitely jacked with the software on the HBR.

What's really sad is, I have no idea who the hell `Technicolor' is in regards to being a router manufacturer. Crap is made in Vietnam.

Why wouldn't VZW go with a a Cisco, Netgear or at least one of the top 3 router manufacturers to build their equipment..

Seems like every damn company these days is cutting corners on quality..

I saw it with ViaSat with Exede, Hughesnet with HNG4, and now even with VZW with HomeFusion..

This is getting pretty bad...


Opelika, AL
said by TexasRebel:

What's really sad is, I have no idea who the hell `Technicolor' is in regards to being a router manufacturer.

Right here is the product page for the router.


Edgewood, TX
yeah, well I saw that, but it's still not a well known vendor in my book for router manufacturing.. It's must only be exclusive with Verizon products.


Kansas City
I recall having a Technicolor dial-up modem back in the 90s.
I see they also make cable set top boxes.
They must do a lot of custom jobs the top three don't want.