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[Excel] Excel links break when moved


I have a spreadsheet that works fine when I set it up, but then when I move it, the formulas link to a new location ie:

='S:\Purchasing\[Addresses.xlsx]Company Details'!B3

when the workbook is copied to a new location the formula changes to the following:

='S:\P1369 John Lewis, Exeter\8. Purchasing\Purchase Orders\[Addresses.xlsx]Company Details'!B3

Basically its now looking for the Addresses workbook in the new folder.

Is there something I am doing wrong? As currently to sort this out I have to update links to manually correct it to the original file?

Thanks in advance


Saint Paul, MN
Sounds like you need them to be absolute links. You can do it for cells by pressing F4, it changes from A2 to $A$2, this indicates that it will always use A2, so if you copy from A3 to B3 it will still use A2.

Don't know how to do this for a file location, but would assume there is a way. Just trying to point you in the right direction.
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reply to Danny_P
You can't just move the file and then open it. You have to do a File Save As so it will remember where the link is at.
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