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Rocket M 5 major Problem

I Have Ubiquity Rocket M 5 Device but problem is the device also automatically factory default every 30-35 days

Please help me !!!!!!!!


I believe that rockets have a reset function on one of the models of poe.
It sends the reset signal up the ethernet cable.

If you have a fault in the ethernet cable, it could be recieving a reset signal. On the »forum.ubnt.com there are some drawings posted about a year ago detailing how the reset function works via the ethernet cable. This may help you understand the issue.

The other possibility is that the rocket could be faulty.

The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
Yea damaged cable or water in the cable leaking to the connectors is the number one reason for this, but becomes quickly apparent when the end turns black.

Also in 2 cases a pinched cable does this. (staples, clips)

Also make sure that you are running latest 5.5.2 firmware.
OptionsDSL Wireless Internet

Saybrook, IL
reply to Kishan
Also uncheck remote reset in the firmware. That will help prevent any "strangness" via the remote reset function. We have seen that with water in the cat 5, a bad end, static from lightning, all kinds of silly things. But most of the time turning that feature off on the radio's software helps stop the issue in general.

We do that on every install.


reply to Kishan
Water in the cable or a bad cable.

That's your number 1 tell-tale sign that something's very wrong with the cables. If the radios start resetting it's time to get up there and check it.

Austin, TX
reply to Kishan
if r units rebooting, this means waters gotten in and shorts across the network, which reboots the unit.....

use outdoor rated shielded cable.......


reply to Kishan
This sometimes happens if your cable is not rated for the environment it is running in and water gets in the POE through the cable. Ive also once saw a faulty switch cause it.

Occasionally manufactures incorrectly rate their cable such as the Tough Cable level 1 product from Ubiquiti.

For tough cable level 1 it turns green cracks when exposed to the sun. After it crack's when it rains water gets in the POE.

They did eventually fix this with the new version that has a slightly different name.

I have used the new version of it at a few installs and it hasn't gone bad yet. (knock on wood). I mostly stick with other brands these days.

Also always use shielded wire with shielded modplugs that are properly grounded. It WILL save your equipment in lightning storms if your grounding is right.

edit: »www.streakwave.com/Itemdesc.asp? ··· SHIELDED

This stuff has worked out the best for me.