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North York, ON
reply to funny0

Re: [Extreme Plus] New Speeds Effective December 1st

said by funny0:

said by Aaerox:

So I just got this message injected from Rogers tonight.
I currently have the higher upload speeds of 7 Mbps. Does this mean rogers will downgrade my upload speeds to 4 Mbps?

someone needs to sue rogers to stop managing of p2p file sharing protocols as they can be used legally and as the "Comes" case said its up to the user to visit an infringing link.
OH and effectively all data being moved is technically a p2p system.

that in a nut shell says its not rogers duty to do this and if they can afford to give tons a people upgrades they didnt ask for how about giving full speeds across the board 1st and HONOR your contract.

this is why i will never ever go with any rogers service.

You must've missed it, but they announced in March last year that they'd kill all throttling by end of year (last year) - this was to get out from under my CRTC complaint which resulted in the Enforcements Division going after Rogers over & over finding more & more non-compliance..

If they're still throttling, do some tests, and hand me the info.. I'll start up another complaint.
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Ottawa, ON
they are still throttling in some areas (Ottawa) and even mention they are still throttling on their new packages in certain areas (notice the triple *).

North York, ON
Justin, do you have the Glasnost tests to back that up? Because Rogers' site says they've removed throttle for all areas in Ontario as of Dec 14, 2012..

»www.rogers.com/web/content/netwo ··· nagement

Rogers Network Management Policy
Applicable to Rogers Hi-Speed Internet customers in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland
Effective December 14, 2012 Rogers has completed our phase out of the management of peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic on our network.
1. Why does Rogers manage traffic on its network?
Rogers is committed to ensuring the best possible online experience for all our valued customers.
2. How Does Rogers manage its network?
Rogers uses a variety of network management techniques. These techniques have evolved as the Internet has changed. We continue to manage the network to limit spam, viruses and other security threats.

If you have Glasnost data showing that, you should be doing an ITMP complaint for non-compliance - Rogers's site is showing there's no throttle... I'd also love to see this, as Steve @ OpenMedia was asking me about this.
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