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Kissimmee, FL

What about Lite and Standard...

While the increase is welcomed... what about the 2 lower tiers?

While I do have Turbo, I think is not fair that those who can't afford to pay more get treated like they are not as important. I am sure a large amount of customers don't get the Turbo or Lighting service as they have no need for those speeds. Would like to know what percentage of the customer base have the lower tiers.

Semper Fi

Palm Coast, FL
·Bright House Net..
Life isn't fair. These upgrades were not necessary, it's BHN's way of adding a bit of a perk to getting the faster speeds. Most who are using a standard package have no need for the faster speeds anyway, so most will not care that they were "left out".


Chesterfield, MO
reply to AMejia1976
My area has the opposite problem. Charter's minimum tier is 30Mbps. From a support perspective, it wouldn't cost them a dime to provide a whole bunch of tiers and extremely attractive price points on the lowest tiers (i.e. 1, 5, 10, 30, 100, 300). However, from a revenue perspective they make more if the minimum is 30 which keeps the base price higher.

It's similar to hard drive prices. By capacity, the cost drops by half between the current and last gen maximums. Below that, the curve flattens and the lowest is not significantly less than the last gen maximum. This is likely because regardless of capacity, there is a minimum manufacturing cost. Cable probably also has a minimum cost per drop but bundling skews it.