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The Rock
reply to Steve

Re: Windows 8 is blocking Linux-based recovery environments

said by Steve:

said by Smokey Bear:

What I mean is that vendor 'forgot' mentioning the secure boot issue, I can't imagine vendor believes that solely 'knowledgable' people will buy the product.

I'm sorry, you are completely misreading this whole situation, blaming Acronis for behavior that's not even remotely bad or misleading.

One can be fully compatible with Windows 8 while still being at the mercy of hardware that won't boot a non-Microsoft OS, and it's just how it goes - this is a hardware issue and it's not the job of Acronis to provide an AOL-esque wizard that does what cannot be done.

Windows 8 DRM working as intended!
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said by Lagz:

Windows 8 DRM working as intended!

Yes, indeed: As it was cited:
Secure Boot is a new anti-rootkit feature introduced with Windows 8, which is designed to prevent the PC from booting an unrecognised operating system.

Everything that's not Windows 8 is an "unrecognized" (or "unauthorized", if you want it this way) OS and, by design, should not be allowed to boot on that PC... Perhaps a good way to re-gain PC market from the perspective of the company that pushed that design on users...
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