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unhappy one

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Re: [TV] Cisco freezing on downloading app

My hd cable box stuck on app as well--for over an hour now that I know of--and I don't have dvr. Local Bright House number gives a busy signal, 800 number gives unforeseen circumstances message. I expect bh will give a credit for the time the service was unavailable.


Same here - 2 DVR BH boxes in Deland with IA01 MSG. Not even getting Twitter customer service response....

Wonder if Uverse is adding customers this morning?


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Same thing happened to us here in Clermont FL. Woke up to the screen showing the "Downloading Initial Application" message. We left if for 30 mins, then I did a hard reboot by unplugging for over 45 seconds and plugged back in. Same message for going on 40 minutes. The progress squares below the message change a little every once in awhile so its not completely frozen. I tried to do a chat with Bright House support and it says chat is not available when it usually is at this time which is weird. Something must have gone really wrong with the update they tried to push last night and they don't have the staff to handle the calls and chats coming in so they are going dark which isn't a good way to handle it. Hopefully it resolves soon.


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Yes, I think they should give a credit back for us having to wait. I understand they have a job to do but this was suppose to be overnight reboot not morning reboot. I too have called local bright house network and the phone is busy. Some of them just do not even ring. I have never had problems with my DVR i have had problems with my internet though but, they were fixed in a matter of 10minutes. This is just so odd that we cannot call them. i hope they fix it before 12pm


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Looks like they will be adding 2 customers this morning.