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Space...The Final Frontier
Urbandale, IA
reply to ropeguru

Re: Weather Channel is worse than politicians...

said by ropeguru:

What the Weather Channel folks are doing equate to me them not following the standards. Imagine if every company out there called the same item by a different name. No one would ever know what to ask for when going to the parts counter.

Now, when the National Weather Service is the one in this country that sets the standards, and rogue companies like the Weather Channel start their own lingo, it is only going to cause confusion. There needs to be a governing body to set forecast and forecast reporting standards that everyone follows. Right now, that is the NWS and the FOR PROFIT Weather Channel is going rogue.

So you are saying that the NWS gave no warning to those people or that the NWS was confusing? I somehow doubt it. Now imagine the confusion when one neighbor talks to the other, one watches the Weather Channel and the other follows the NWS, and the one who watches the Weather Channel starts talking about Iago and the other, instead of getting ready for the snowstorm predicted by the NWS, runs off to board up his windows because he thinks a hurricane is coming as the NWS does not name winter storms.

All the Weather Channel is doing is going out on their own and causing confusion. What they should be doing is talking to the NWS and other agencies and recommending changes and working as a whole to make things better. But they cannot and do not want to seem to do that so they can sell better ratings and hype.

How many people do you know that actually *read* the National Weather Service website forecasts for their region in detail - unless they're weather nerds, already inclined to be interested in weather, they won't. I'm not saying that the National Weather Service didn't provide information the days I linked, or that the Storm Prediction Center didn't - but their products aren't geared at the average user who flips on the TV in the morning to check the forecast. Even just the generic forecast page on a day with a high threat for severe weather, the wording is at best, at least in my area, is something along the lines of "Severe thunderstorms likely" - that's incredibly generic. You have to get into the zone forecasts, the hazardous weather and short-term discussions, and the Storm Prediction Center's outlook discussions in order to figure out what that means for your area.

Go read this, and tell me if the text on the bottom of this page would make perfect sense to the average person who just turns on the local news or Weather Channel to see whether it's going to rain that day:


Local news might cover it in some detail, but in my experience they still don't provide the level of "alert" that something like the TOR:CON can in advance of the event. My experience with local news is that they're great coverage while the event is occurring - but they're a bit light on information in the day or hours leading up to it. It's not like there's some actual National Weather Service TV channel that you can turn to.

Your example is ridiculous. Anyone who takes the time to go to the National Weather Service website and read their forecast is going to know that it's not a hurricane coming and would not be confused by their neighbor mentioning a named winter storm. In fact, I'm going to step out on a cliff here and argue that someone that informed is probably already aware of the Weather Channel naming storms and will also know exactly what they mean. People who take the time to go to the NWS site are already smart weather consumers. They're the people who already know the difference between a watch, warning, advisory, and know which detailed product links to click on on the NWS page to find out what's going to happen in their area.
You're watching Sports Night on CSC so stick around...

Mechanicsville, VA
While there are a lot of folks that may not go to the NWS site, there are a lot that watch local news which are also NOT using the named winter storm convention. So my argument still stands as to the confusion.

It is the weather channel trying to take over like the bully and run everything. THEY are not the rule makers in this game and when it comes to people's safety THEY are the ones that are the issue.

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL
Since when have they not.... 1992 Because of loss of data predicted Key West wiped off the map....

No Andrew was so compact that nothing but a stiff wind in the lower Keys...and wiped out Homestead, but not Miami or at all impacted but the very upper Keys.

You live around storms you better pay attention and to NOAA and direct NWS (for me 2 blocks up the street), also in KW Navy serious take on it all... Not the WX Ch.... that's just stupid entertainment? for those not affected.