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Re: System Event Error NTFS Id 134 - bad hard drive?

I think initially you need to try again with Microsoft. They need to be held accountable for this issue.

However if you exhaust that effort and need to revisit, items like system restore or SubInACL may come in handy, but then what problems did you contact Microsoft in the first place about? This may have a big impact on approaching any fix here if at all possible.

This all might end up with you starting fresh or using the recovery option of the laptop. Either way hopefully you have backed up all data?

Best of luck with the support via Microsoft.
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Hi norwegian,

I guess I'll try but Microsoft didn't want to help me with the ntfs warning even though I pointed out the previous tech had caused it.
I called MS because I stupidly installed a roots certificate update for XPsp3 on my Windows 7 64bit laptop because it wasn't offered through updates (my other 2 computers were offered it). After that I got CAP12 errors saying it couldn't open the file to put the root certs. in.

The MS tech reset my Windows Update (which I was very unhappy about) and about an hour later tried to find out what the roots certificate updates are. She found a fix for my error (the fix she found was for an exchange - I said I'm Win 7, not an exchange). Then she started changing permission on files relating to this. In any event some days later the computer started getting the root cert updates, so I guess she did something right. She also deleted a lot of temporary files and a lot said they couldn't be deleted -in use, but she kept trying.

When I spoke to the second level tech he told me giving permission to everyone was okay and said if I didn't have any problem with the ntfs error, not to worry about it. If I call I hope they won't charge me for this, since they created the error.

I have a backup of this computer with Macrium Reflect from April 2012. I also recently backed up my daughter's pictures and installation files for software I use and some drivers from Lenovo that I have applied to the computer. I think I would better off with that than the out of the box restore on the computer. (I never restored an image with Macrium, if I have to do it hopefully it will work out well.) Aside from this error, the computer is running well.

I'm going to run that HDtune and see if the numbers changed and see if I get those ntfs warnings - I got them at the time I ran it last time.

I appreciate your input on this.

Sincerely, Libra