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Why is Rogers digging up my area?

So I've noticed that over the past couple of days Rogers has been digging up one of the streets in my area. They have large coils of black tubing that are sitting there and I'm assuming Rogers is going to put that in the ground.

My area has been rock solid for the past ten years, never experienced any speed or reliability issues and my area was one of the first to be higher upstream and 150/10 eligible so I can't imagine what sort of upgrades they might be doing. Also dont' live anywhere close to the FTTH trial area.

Also, I should point out I don't see any Rogers trucks here yet. So far it's just been a construction crew that's been digging and I only found out it was Rogers when I walked past a sign saying the construction company was doing this under contract to Rogers. Any clue as to what they might be doing?

North York, ON
Theres several possibilities:

* More fiber for further expansion/node split
* May be planning on another FTTH trial area around you, which would require more fiber being laid
* They were already planning on doing a node split, but decided to lay dark fiber while they were already in the area and had to do work there anyways. Save time & costs down the line since they were already laying some.

Either that, or Cogeco's using "Under Contract to Rogers" companies to expand Cogeco Data Services..

Rogers & Cogeco seems to share these companies because last fall Rogers was using "Under Contract to Cogeco" companies for their upgrades throughout North York to complete upgrades to be able to kill off throttling on time. The trucks should usually say what company they're under contract to.
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Rogers also has a business service division; could be fibre for them, or for Roger's cellular, running fibre for new cell sites (macro, micro, or femto...)

Also, companies like Sentrex, TriCon, etc; don't always change the "under contract to" from job to job - just because the sign SAYS Rogers, doesn't mean the job is for Rogers - they also work for Bell, Toronto Hydro, Cogeco, TELUS, and others...


This area is all residential. There are no businesses here at all. There are some cell sites around us but they are all on major streets.

Rogers (and all cell carriers) are pushing cell sites closer and closer to the end user; going to pole-mounted micro and femto sites; even in-house 'pico' sites, that offload cellular traffic onto your internet connection.

It doesn't have to be a 70' tower anymore...

That said - could be for a FTTH build, could be FTTN upgrades, or a node split, they could even just be passing through, and the side street was the least congested route from "A" to "B"... Really, no way to tell, to be honest.

In urban areas it's preferable to put coax or fibre in the ground in tubing because it makes replacement SO MUCH cheaper ... far less digging up needed. Also slightly less risk of damage from digging and frost heaves.

Mr. Wireless

ive never seen a rogers offer a pico cell to someone, maybe someone bought it off ebay, but rogers would not install it in side someones residence, maybe inside a workplace is more likely.
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Toronto, ON
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Why don't you ask them? Maybe if you ask them nice enough, they'll wire your house with fibre



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Maybe rogers realized they are P.O.S. for an internet provider and need to improve their service. Pressure from the citizens. Enough is enough...


said by MJB:

Maybe rogers realized their P.O.S. and need to improve their service. Pressure from the citizens. Enough is enough...

Lol, true but there are many other neighbourhoods they can improve. I've lived in this neighbourhood for 20 years and have been a rogers internet customer for at least 8 years and we have always received the advertised speeds and have only had 2 outages in those 8 years. My friends who live in the same area have also had similar experiences. But whatever they're doing, it's good to see they're putting that rate increase to good use.