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Re: Please help my 80 year old grandparents with uverse

When an existing AT&T DSL customer switches to AT&T U-verse, they have the option of either maintaining their existing AT&T DSL email account as their AT&T U-verse email & account log in OR they can create a new email address. It sounds like a new email address was created for your grandparents to be used for their U-verse email address and account log in. I don't know if their U-verse email address name can be changed at this point to be the same as what their DSL email address was. You call U-verse Technical Support to see if that is possible.

I assume that the issue is that your grandparents don't know the password for their existing DSL email address?


Santa Clara, CA
To answer the question about the password of the old account, they thought they had it written down and theres a very limited number of passwords they have ever used, but I cant even seem to locate the appropriate page to attempt to reset that DSL password if needed.

Each time I think i've found a new page that might help it ultimately loops me back to the myatt login/password reset page and it rejects their zip code when I put it in their address. Lame.