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[Other] RouterOS Set up on a MikroTik RB450G Router

Hi folks, I was hoping someone could direct me to a post that would discuss some of the finer aspects of setting up this router.

I have played with DD-wrt, and Tomato on compatible consumer based routers and for the most part found them pretty good.

I got my hands on a RB450G with it pre configured - but I never did any of it personally.

The trick now is that I'd like to be able to do a couple things but it is NOT user friendly AT all, and I found the Manual to be equally difficult to work with (almost useless) as many of the terms that they are using assume the reader knows that they are and how they relate to each other.

I don't need to be spoon fed, but I would like a link that might be able to guide someone like myself through the proper set (relative to this more sophisticated piece of hardware) without going too hard core with the tech. speak and abbreviations.

I am NOT a total beginner. I would classify myself as having more intermediate Networking knowledge.

Can anyone assist?

Thanks for the help.

-- The goals are to able to assign Static IP's to specific equipment via MAC address.
-- Be able to log into the router and disconnect and prevent reconnection of those same pieces of equipment - either manually or on a timed schedule.
-- Be able to track bandwidth used by each, and if possible log when it was used (on a graph would be nice, but I think the graphing looks like it is only available with regards to the routers hardware loads . . . I could be wrong on that).
-- Possibly restrict the access to the network via a white list MAC address list.

Thanks Again.



RouterOS Set up on a MikroTik RB450G Router

I guess I should have clarified what the software is. It is RouterOS v5.22 that is currently running and installed.


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Did you ever get your answers? I'm considering buying a new router from Mikrotik.
If someone refers to herself / himself as a "guru", they probably aren't.