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Kitchener, ON

Stanley Park Area - Kitchener

Holy sh*t this area is god awful f*cking slow. 1mbit maximum speed?!

I've been giving bell customer service reps absolute hell over the phone for the past couple of years and I need some advice on what to do;

I'm on a 1mbit grandfathered plan with supposed unlimited bandwidth (about 8 years old). A couple years ago 1mbit was starting to feel *really* slow considering how much video content was becoming so popular (news, youtube, etc). I remember calling in 2 years ago (maybe 3) and asking if I can get a faster connection. The girl on the phone said she was running some diagnostics and said that I could expect to get somewhere between 2-2.5mbit connection but that I would have to pay for the 6mbit connection and lose my unlimited bandwidth.

I called in about a year later and was told Fibe was coming to my area most likely within the next 3-6 months. Its been two years and theres still nothing done with Fibe so I wont even count on that coming.

About a year ago I called in to Teksavvy and was told that if I switched to them I could get 2-2.5mbit connection but it would be unstable and I would frequently lose the connection and said thats why Bell has me at 1mbit (I'm calling BULLSH*T on that claim). So I never switched.

A week ago I called in again to Teksavvy asking if my speeds could be improved if I switched to them and they said I'd get a maximum of 1.5mbit connection. I got pissed considering everytime I call the answers are less encouraging.

So, being pissed off at this point I thought I'd call Bell AGAIN and give them shit regardless of the answer. I asked what my speeds could be if they could upgrade me and I was told 1mbit was the fastest possible.

So what the F*ck is the ACTUAL answer now? Anyone wanna explain this to me? I went from 2-2.5 after a diagnostic test to Teksavvy telling me 1.5 and now Bell saying 1mbit is my maximum possible.

The kicker? I can't sign up for Rogers in my area as its NOT available and I won't bother with Rogers as the bandwidth limit from them is BULLSH*T.

Any help, PLEASE? I'm ready to storm a Bell head office and rip someones head off. George Cope's would be a good target.

I was thinking of setting up a second phone line and testing it out with another ISP like Teksavvy and seeing whats possible. How much does it cost to have a house setup with a secondary phone line???

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Wow, if you have not done so post in the Bell Canada Direct forum and see if they can help you increase your profile speed, as speed goes up instability increases so you might be as high as you can go. You don't mention which modem you have, however if it says Nortel that's likely the problem (the Nortel Modem only does 1 Meg), best to let Bell Direct know what hardware you have.

Bell Canada Direct Link:
»Bell Canada Direct

Regarding your question about getting secondary service which is concurrent with Bell, most homes have at least two POTS pairs so you probably could get a second phone line set up. You don't need subscribe to phone service; most companies including Teksavvy and Bell offer a "Dry loop" which is DSL service minus a dial tone. The down side is there is a fee for a dry loop however it is less than having phone service. Not sure what Bell charges for a dry loop, however TS price is posted on their website so check there for complete pricing.

Shame that there is no cable service in your area, while Rogers plans are ... unaffordable some of the other ISP companies offer cable service with better rates.


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Sounds like your particular house is still served DSL direct by the Kingsway Drive central office near Fairview Park Mall. There are a number of new remote DSLAM cabinets that were installed in the Stanley Park area over a year ago, but they don't cover every street. As to when BHell will upgrade the network further, who knows, and even George Cope himself likely can't find out.
Talking to third party DSL providers is pointless; they just piggyback on BHell's network, so whatever speed BHell can provide is the same as what you'll get with TekSavvy, etc. And just because you get weird answers about 1Mbps vs. 2-2.5Mbps, that's not an exact science ... they have to give estimates based on line conditions, so it varies. I know 2Mbps sounds like "twice" as fast as 1Mbps, but you'll likely notice very little improvement if you went for that.


Kitchener, ON
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And here I thought Forest Heights stuck at 5mb for the last 7 years was backward and then you come up with this little tidbit. Wow, you have a serious reason to be upset with these clowns.

The Bhell door to door sales personne was around here about a month ago and when he told me about the 500 million Bhell was spending on network upgrades I replied that didn't do any good in this area because we still only have the slowest speed Bell offers (not even 6 here as promised to CRTC but 5 mb) so I could care less what you're spending elsewhere. He left fairly quickly after that.


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If you go with TS theres noway they can give you faster speeds on DSL then what you are already getting. I work in KW frequently and the whole area is in the process of getting 7330' s to every single crossbox or over 90% of them. Bell is like close to 50% and stanley park is no exeption. If you know a technician or see one they can pull up a tentative date for your crossbox to be upgraded. Some crossbox's there already have fibre in it but bell is waiting on power permits and such.

New Hamburg, ON
DSL is a waste of time. Cable is the way to go if you want speed and bigger caps. Get cable and never look back at the phone lines.