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Is Primus having congestion issue?

I'm start noticing there inconsistent speed around 6pm - 12am. It started on Jan 14, 2013 and still continues as I post this message. I can't remain connected to irc without being disconnect every 10-30min. If I'm downloading a file, the speed goes up/down from 500kbps (which I usually get) to 10kbps. Before I have it get disconnect and have to redownload the file again. I can't even play bf3 on ps3 properly before I get kick out from the EA server due to lost connection.

I wondering if anyone using primus near Leslie and Sheppard experience the same issue. One of the primus tech support told me that they plan to add another server. But can't guarantee if it will resolved the issue. One of the primus tech support told me do a speed test which I find it useless since 90% will show your good speed -_-


Hi - if you wouldn't mind sending an e-mail to support@primustel.ca, to attention of the Internet Tech Support department manager, they may be able to review your account in greater detail that may have been missed by the front lines...


reply to rastudio
I had congestion issues the last month with Primus. They were not very helpful in realizing that it is congestion and not my line, although this was obvious. I cancelled my service and switched to electronic box and am much happier.


capacity issue is what they told me after i emailed, no timeline they will able to fixed since the custom equipment haven't arrive yet and no time frame when to install it. i'll give them by end of feb before i cancelled both phone and internet services and likely switch to distributel cable 18