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Scarborough, ON
reply to arthurwinslo

Re: [Express] Can't get DPC3008 setup as D3, need to buy new mod

said by arthurwinslo:

Johnpaul, set up the modem as a DPC3825. They DPC3008/DPC3010/DPC3825 utilize the same firmware base. The whole reason why they won't provision the modem is because you told them it is a DPC3008.

So while there is no technical reason to provision the modem as a docsis 2 modem (considering the modem will still bond 8 channels regardless) they are simply refusing because the modem isn't purchased from them.

There are a bunch of DPC3008's on the Rogers side of the network in Markham and Richmond Hill as I am typing this.

Are they registered as D3 devices with Rogers? Most users have reported that they've only been able to register a DPC3008 as a D2 device. The modem will still get channel bonding but because the billing system sees it as a D2 modem, those customers are not able to switch to in market tiers that require a D3 modem.


Toronto, ON
yyzlhr, the majority of them are running the 80/10 tier, and a few 46/4 and a couple 18/1