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Springfield, PA
reply to flashcore

Re: [Northeast] Ok, What's with the speed issues? Too many with

OK, this is a big help. Thanks all.

When the tech left my house, the case got closed fairly quickly even though
he told me that he'd follow up on Monday (yea sure). They gladly give me their manager's
contact info on a business card which I have. The tech did say that a card could
be bad at the office, but even he could not escalate to investigate this very thing!
Most of me neighbors I doubt have FIOS.

So if I call him, what should I ask suggest about the *PON cards? Tell me specifics
so I can at least get them to check something...that would be progress.

It does really seem like more of a routing/bandwidth/throttling problem. If I stay
totally on VZ Speedtests (using the URL they gave me) - all is well, I get consistancy.
Which led their phone support person to say, this has to be your home wiring issue.

If I leave the VZ network (the whole rest of the internet), I get errattic results.

Using speedtest.net I cannot even get to many sites...close to me is fairly predictable, going
away I can't reach the site or I get a great result one time, try again immediately
with same site and I get 1-2MB download - what is that? That makes no sense. Does
it depend on load/bandwidth somewhere in the system? Routing?

Almost seems like "round-robin throttling"...yea, that's a good name for it.
The fact than others see this same flavor of thing leads me to believe it's not
in my CO, but I won't rule that out yet.


Fredericksburg, VA

Seem issue here, in Northern VA. Lots of packet loss. Same song and dance with tech spt. Threaten to drop and told them to transfer me to billing, I'm going back to comcast, he basically said that your option, have a nice day but of course I sat on hold for 30 mins and got no where. Got a call from supervisor and they send a tech out. Though he was a cool guy, he didn't do jack but tell me they were having some network issue, something to do with moving customer to different up, but apparently it wasn't going good, and seemed like the we got move but legacy stuff fight with the new routing, etc, etc. he wasn't sure...but got a new modem out of the deal.
Verizon has the worst customer support I have every seen!