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Fort Erie, ON
reply to Guspaz

Re: Okay, NOW Wind will definitely be foreign owned

said by Guspaz:

That article is four and a half months old...

Right, and the last time they were on record as saying they wanted out of the Canadian market was before the foreign ownership rules changed. The whole reason they wanted out was specifically because of that.

This kind of rampant speculation is typical any time there is any sort of structural or ownership change at a major company. Hell, people are now all going crazy thinking Rogers is going to take a move on Cogeco because they're buying up the former Mountain Cable areas of Shaw. People have been saying that Rogers is going to buy Cogeco for more than a decade now, and yet nothing has happened.


Hamilton, ON
Rogers is a Cogeco shareholder.

Intentions to buy a majority interest will never be revealed until after the markets close. Speculating is a waste of time.
minimum waste, maximum joy