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Re: Bell Canada Fibe25/10 can ping but cannot browse frequently

When I got this new plan (15/10) and Sagemcom modem/router, I had the exact same issues. 5 months and 9 techs later, I have a new Sagemecom modem, new dsl line in my house, a new port and the best pair of copper my street has. Oh, and one tech said something about fixing my F1. Whatever the hell that is...

The result? Not only can I still not surf, but now when I ping I have 100% packet loss. In my opinion that is worse then the original problem.

Looking around on these forums has been very disappointing as there is no bridge mode, or official statement from Bell on the problem. I tried to get my old 2wire back and downgrade my plan, but the best Bell could do is downgrade my plan while still using the Sagemcom.

To top it all off, We are now paying an extra 3 bucks a month...for what exactly? I don't know where I'm going with this...just adding myself to the list I guess...

London, ON
The F1 is the feeder cable from the central office to the cross connect box. The cable from the cross connect to the pedestal on your street is the F2.