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Pleasanton, CA
reply to NoHereNoMo

Re: 1 gbps

said by NoHereNoMo:

in all 50 states (even if it is in only 1 city--because that will happen anyway).

How about just getting 1 mbps to everyone in all 50 states? ...for something less than $20/mo? or maybe even "free" like Google's other option (5 mbps, just pay for the install)? (In other words, how about doing something that's actually hard to do*? ...something actually useful to at least someone? you know, like for those who can't get anything but dial-up ...if that?)

*Of course, doing anything at all is harder than simply saying "let's do this" ...which is about the extent of this "plan".

why bother with 1mbps, if your going to run a line to the house, might as well do the best money can buy, fiber goes for miles without needing to refresh the signal, no point in running copper once, then fiber later.
in romania, i can get 1gbps fiber connection out in the sticks, and they are a 3rd world country. copper never existed there because they were so late giving internet to people.

Copper has already been run. Making it capable of pushing out DSL can be done for quite a lot less than running fiber. Eventually fiber could be needed, but for now there is no real reason to run it. It is far more important that people get some service of some kind.


reply to videomatic3
You're missing my point--you're being too "literal", not enough "metaphorical". The FCC should be concerned about everyone being able to get "enough" (as in, "fast enough").
"...but ya doesn't hasta call me Johnson!"