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[Homephone] VOIP thoughout the house using existing line

I've been doing research on this and it appears you have to go outside to the bell box an unplug the cable then use line 2 for modem to send signal thoughout the house. I found this old thread about locks on Bell boxes with a picture of the box.

»Re: Locsk On Bell Boxes?

The question I have is will pulling out the cable in just the customer side do the trick or do I need to use unscrew the nut on the bell side and pull out the other cable too?


Quebec, QC
You can pull/cut the wires. No problem. As long as there is only one source of voltage on a copper pair, you will be fine. Bell is a source, an ATA is one too. Don't mix them!

If you have cable internet it's simple. Just disconnect Bell.
If you have DSL internet, you have to use different pairs for DSL and VoIP.



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I have cable. I don't want to cut anything. I was wondering if pulling out the gray cable in the picture below would be enough or if I have to do remove another cable. Most specifically do I need to remove something in the bell part of the box?


bell guy

u dont have to do nothing to the box outside, all u need to do is look for a modular jack near ur hydro panel, if not, simply add one, its only 2 wires screwed onto 2 terminals you disconnect bell from the inside wiring and put your voip into the inside wiring and that sit.


Is there anyway to do it though the Telephone box? My VOIP modem is going to be in my room (2nd floor) and the Hydro panel is in the basement. There were multiple people saying you could do the same thing from the panel outside and that it's actually a lot easier.


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Haplo, simplest answer since you've already opened the box outside...

Yes unplug the jack you see on the right, that's your demarcation point.

Don't be cutting any wires if you don't have to.


Do I just have to take the gray wire out and nothing else? or Do I need to take the gray wire out and take something else out in the bell side of the box?


BTW I haven't opened the box yet but I did look at it outside. It looks simple enough to get open.


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I haven't opened anything yet but I have looked at the box and it's fairly simple to open (nut screw + reg screw). That pic was from the other thread. So I only need to unplug the gray cable and nothing else? There is nothing I need to touch in the Bell part of the box seen in this pic in the middle?




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reply to bell guy
That sounds really complicated. Pulling the wire from outside box wont do the trick?

That also wont work for me because my VOIP modem is going to be setup in my bedroom where my cable modem is. The hydro panel is in the basement.

Edit: This is the vid I was talking about.



reply to Haplo
If you have voip and your broadband is cable and you have a box that looks like the one in your OP, that I posted in 2009, then all you need to do is unplug the little grey cord.


Alright, thanks. I have the same exact box.