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San Jose, CA
reply to Gardentool

BreakingNews AT&T customers @arms length of fiber flee to cable

(It's not so Breaking News of course, but known for some time).

Google/Verizon (and rest of world) must be stupefied by the embarrassing, beyond sad state of AT&T FTTP. Where's the outrage or class action by the share holders at this gross mismanagement?

Off peak speed-testing: do you at least in fact routinely hit or slightly exceed (the artificial emulation of bad copper) 12/1.5?

fyi: Have seen forced upgrades from DSL to uverse (no TV) that gave a 3800, with no rental fee.


Oklahoma City, OK

Re: BreakingNews AT&T customers @arms length of fiber flee to ca

I've always hit the 12/1.5 (minus the overhead so think it's around 11.5/1.25) any time of day and any day of the week. Never above as I'm sure they keep a tight "cap". But then again for awhile I was probably the only U-Verse user anywhere close to me. It's my understanding from the tech that the box in my backyard was for all 7 plots or so in my little section of the street, and they have never ran another piece of fiber to it. Granted I think only 4 of the houses are occupied right now.

Hmm even chatting to the guy on the phone, he never once offered to waive the rental fee, and that was my biggest complaint to him was I'm paying for something I don't really need to use. Although of course reading from a script and corporate policy, he thinks you really do. He offered Max Turbo for $44/month then $6 rental. But like I said, I'm 99.99% certain that 24/3 is still off limits to FTTP so it would have been a waste of time for them to schedule a tech to come tell me I can't get it. Oh well I'm sure they'll be offering just as good of a deal later to get me back as a customer.

I'm also not a forced upgrade, as I never had the option for anything but fiber here. I know when I signed up originally had I went with the next tier lower (which was the same speeds as the DSL Elite I had at the apartment I lived before buying the house) I had the option to purchase a 3600 for $100 instead of renting. I should have tried to do that then upgrade the tier in hind sight.