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Barrie Ontario MAJOR packet loss/Congestion

I live in barrie ontario. Always had the odd problem with rogers (who doesnt) over the past few years but 99.9% of the time it worked perfect 75/2. Starting yesterday using pingtest.net tho I have found myself to be having packet loss. I have tested this connection 100's of times since having it (almost every day) and never once have I had packet loss before. I thought it must just be congestion but it continued into the night and is still present this morning. Congestion would stop at 3-5am but it didnt soo. I talked to rogers techs and they said "the whole area seems to be having some problems" but didnt give me any info on a fix or what. Anyone else with this isssue in barrie that just started recently? Im also worried being rogers that since its only 10% packet loss they they just wont do anything to fix it. Youtube freezes every few seconds. I can watch twitch.tv without refreshing the page 10 time a minute. And most download (without a manger) are freezing up and dropping out within seconds of starting. According to pingtest.net ANYTHING above a 0% packet loss is a issue so. What are my options?

I'm just outside of Barrie; on a 25/2 profile.

No problems with packet loss or congestion here; so can't really help too much...

Kane Hart

reply to RickdaTech
I live in Barrie and no issues at all. Up near Ferndale and Livingstone.