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It's about price and speed

Compared to other countries in Asia such as Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and more, FIOS is very expensive to afford.
The promotion is $89 right now with triple play + 15% more on tax or $5 just FIOS alone still with tax.

While my friends in Hong Kong has fiber service 100Mbps/100Mbps for HKD 138 or less, 17.8 USD, our FIOS is so much higher to afford.

If you have traveled to Japan or other countries, you know that it's faster, a lot cheaper there. Not to mention the cap is not the case, we are out of luck due to consolidation and less competitions.

Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs

Yeah, and everyone is on top of each other in Tokyo & Hong Kong. Big differences in infrastructure & deployment costs.

There are other huge differences in cost of living in the above referenced as compared to many in the US who (like me) have access to Fios Internet.

I work a very modest civil service job (by modest I mean REALLLY shitty pay) yet I manage to own a home with a full acre lot. I doubt there are a lot of people outside of farmers & millionaires in Japan who can say they own that much property.

When will people in the US realize we don't have to be the absolute best at EVERTHING. Folks live under different circumstances the world over.

Rural folks here in America enjoy the benefits of a rural way of life (I grew up in a semi rural area & loved it), but we couldn't get cable until 1992.

On the flip side, I have tons of open ground to ride my dirt bikes, and ride horses, and learn to shoot, etc.

Every lifestyle is a compromise....
Petty people are disproportionally corrupted by petty power