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Louisville, KY
reply to OSUGoose

Re: [Phone] Phone service email - Louisville, KY

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Followup: Was switched over to Phone 2.0 as scheduled; works fine and with no issues. Installation involved disconnecting hookup at house box, re-working cables at cable box in yard, and switching out cable modem with new phone/cable modem. Not 2 modems as suggested by rep on phone but a new single phone/cable modem. Only change there is a standard phone line is plugged into modem and connected to a regular phone jack. Tech then calls new info into to office, checks phone and internet connectivity, and that's it.

Hope this helps anyone who may be getting switched over understand what Insight/TWC will be doing. Not complicated, and took the tech a little over an hour to complete. Photos of old and new modems are attached. Notice that new modem is about twice the size of the old cable only modem.


Columbus, OH
What's the HP box


Louisville, KY
New small subwoofer that came with my new PC.


Louisville, KY
reply to KrLouKy
Just helped someone last night who had had their box changed. They apparently had the old Insight phone service and were switched to the new Arris box like pictured. I didn't realize it at first but this box does a lot - it's a cable modem, phone modem, wired and wireless router.

There's was model TG862. It has four Ethernet ports on the back. Anything plugged in to one of the ports will be handed an address like or higher. The box was preset (apparently) for WiFi and was broadcasting an SSID like ARRIS-1127 and security was turned on.

I changed the wireless settings by going to »
The default username is "admin" and the default password is "password".

So, this box is pretty nice. It's could be all you need.