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Re: [Signals] COMCAST said my E2500 router is causing leakage.

Technically this is possible but the chances are very slim.

The router plugs into the modem with a cable right? well that cable can carry noise or excess power or a number of things to cause, just like dirty power can cause signal issues for devices.

That said the issue could be the cable modem itself, it could have a problem when data is converted from it's Ethernet to coax thus be a bad network port on the modem or something else.

Only way to test really is plug another router in or a pc directly and have them check.

If it's all fine still the router could simply be providing too much power over the low voltage of the network or noise on it that is back feeding.

So for those saying not possible this is possible, but again it's rare. If they tested multiple times I doubt they made it up, just you need to figure out for sure is it the modem or the router.

Gyp Thomson

The router has two ethernet cables. One is going to the pc and the other to the cable modem. The cable modem has a cable wire. We swapped out the ethernet cables and they said the problem was still there.

My question is this, how can a router all of a sudden provide too much power? I've had it for a year, so if it was going to malfunction wouldn't it provide minimal power?

I don't have access to another router so I can't test that. I do have access to another pc but there is no use in testing that with this router.