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Re: [BC] TELUS High Speed Turbo 25 Usage being reduced 50%

Still waiting on a final outcome here. And this needs to be in the public eye.


Called in about my Optik internet contract expiring in a few months and asked about the cap drop this morning.

No new info, just describing my call below.

It doesn't seem like a memo on the cap drops has made the rounds yet (?) because the support person didn't know what I was talking about and had to go ask someone. They did confirm the cap drop starting Feb 1.

I asked about how overage fees were going to be handled and got the canned "we don't charge overage just suggest upgrading you to the next level of service". When I asked what that was when I'm already on Optik Turbo (I didn't say anything about Turbo 50) I got what I took to be a nervous laugh from the csr and no direct response...

Same old, same old I guess.

Between Netflix through a proxy, PSN/XBL/Steam games and patches, work file transfers I'm still only around 300GB~400GB a month so I'm not too worried about overage. But it's annoying nonetheless to even have to be concerned about my usage when I'm just using it for what I feel is "regular" use in this day and age :|


I think Telus's bandwidth meter (what is shown on PDF bill) is borked.

I used over 530gigs for my December billing cycle, and the PDF bill shows that I only use 292gigs.

Hey........ Not complaining, just hope it remains in my favor for future months.


Calgary, AB
Comparing to my dd-wrt traffic logs, seemed pretty solid right up until i noticed that telus forgot about december 31st, which worked out just fine for me, as I had big queue of stuff to dl in the wee hours of that morning.

Oh, and for those of you who are complaining: the internet works on oversubscription. If everyone tried to use a 250gb cap, with most of it spent during primetime (say a 10 hour window per day), telus would need over 2 terabit/s of capacity to support 1.3 million customers.


Vancouver, BC

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I do not think anything can be done about this subject while Telus and Shaw have a monopoly for TV/Internet in Western Canada.
I personally feel very sad about this because I thought that when Telus started providing TV it would compete against Shaw which they did to start off.
Now its a case of well they either pick one or the other for TV/Internet packages so why compete when both can be earning the same profit.
TV packages can be the money makers .To force the General Public to buy more TV packages and make that money ,cut down on the amount of internet use.
Also we are forced to subscribe to a lot of rubbishy channels we do not wont to get the ones we do like.
That is very wrong.
This is a like to entering a Shopping Mall and being made to buy a pair of jeans we don't like to get the pair we really do like.Now that would never happen.
On Telus's side they have had to spend a lot financially to set up the TV side of their business where as Shaw had been established for years.Also Telus was over generous with their free gifts and maybe
realizing this at last are having to re coupe their losses on this side of the business.
Must admit Telus has come along way in TV quality of picture and the Technical Services,when one can reach them ,have been most helpful when problems arose.