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Toronto, ON
reply to avenison

Re: Sudbury ON - FibreOP FTTH - job fair Thursday 6pm

Thanks for the elaborate post avenison, but you're teasing leaving out the goods! Post some vianet speedtests for us haha

Looks like they have some good connectivity, even with Bell. So you can play with your neighbour on Bell FTTH across town and it'll be like you're both in the same room »bgp.he.net/AS7091#_peers



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Sorry about that BliZZardX, I'd love to post some speedtests but I wouldn't trust the results right now. My strong machine is down for maintenance so I'm stuck using an aging netbook with a 3400rpm hard drive, and it can't properly keep up with anything.

What I can tell you:
-I'm on the slowest rate, which is 10/1
-Downloads consistently hit >1.2MB/s 24 hours a day, with burst speeds quite a bit higher
-Upload is unconfirmed but when I did try Vianet's speedtest it appears to be as claimed (1mbit)
-Browsing appears to remain acceptable while DL bandwidth is saturated (using my initial attempt at router QOS rules)
-Average ping to google.ca is 8ms, but jitter is around 10-15ms...

What I can't tell you:
-If the jitter in the ping test is typical/accurate, it could well be my netbook or my router which hasn't been tuned yet
-How things act when UL is maxed out
-How things act when UL AND DL are maxed out