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reply to pacpac

Re: RV042 - giving up - recommendation for a quality dual WAN?

said by pacpac:

a) would it suffice to just connect a surge protector and the modems/router from there

If you want to protect against ANY power issues of any sort, invest in a quality UPS. The basic stuff it should
do out of the box is over / undervoltage and surge / sag protection; there's pobably more, but it's been
awhile since I've looked into this.

Wire your RV042 into the UPS (any anything else you want to protect) and away you go.

said by pacpac:

b) would it be possible to connect the surge protector to one socket of the UPS providing power for short time when the power fails and protect against surges and line noise?

Far as I know, any quality UPS should do surge / sag protection in the same unit as well.

said by pacpac:

2) When I have the RV042 working fine in LB mode and I disable one WAN port in the RV042 control panel (by ticking the box 'disable' in 'Port Management', and save settings), then browse, could it be that some pages are partially loaded because the RV042 try to access the port that is disabled?

I would think whoever wrote the software for the RV042 that "disabled" MEANS "disabled."





I am about to preliminary conclude the current set-up is now working fine. In summary, two principle issues were dealt with in order to achieve sustained internet connectivity with the RV042 and 2 cable connections from the same ISP; a) set up so the RV042 WAN ports operated through different gateways and b) ensure quality power supply to relevant devices.

On Monday I installed a CDP 750Va UPS and connected modems, routers, switch, ATA and phones. This UPS appears to be adequate for this particular purpose.

See two screenshots attached indicating the RV042's proper load balancing feature; one (1) where a streaming TV station is on and I start a second streaming video, and the second (2) where one streaming TV station is on and I start a speed test. The 'Break point download' mark indicates max download speed on one connection.

Thank you all for great input!