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Hilo, HI
reply to cramer

Re: How to lease SB6141?

He IS on Wideband. 20/2 (Turbo) is wideband and requires a DOCSIS 3 modem. It sounds like you think he has Standard at either 10/1 ( in Hawaii that is all islands except Oahu) or 15/1 (standard for Oahu.
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Canton, OH
that may be true in your market but in the Midwest Region Turbo is allowed on D2+ modems, I see it all the time. there's plenty of bandwidth for 2Mb/s up on a D2 channel, but of course multiple channels being bonded ensures a more consistent connection, and since there's no powerboost on Turbo (just standard now) there's little reason not to get a D3 modem anyway.
I see what you're saying, even though I'm really just listening...

Raleigh, NC
reply to Mele20
Around here, unless they've changed their song, "Lite", "Standard", and "Turbo" are D2 plans, "Extreme" (30/5), and "Ultimate" (50/5) are wideband/D3 plans. Will they let you use a D3 modem with a D2 plan? Sure, esp. if you own the modem, but they aren't likely to give you a new D3 modem. (they have a small warehouse of old D2's while the D3's are in "limited supply" -- which is why our recent BC line was originally setup with a "residential" modem -- it was a rush job (the whole office move was) and that's what he had.)