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Michigan, US
reply to EmilGolen

Re: Disconcerting discovery with my plan

It is possible that when they "repaired" the line it was discovered that the line cannot indeed reliably support a 6 Mbps service. If that is the case then the services offered to that address would have been adjusted accordingly. As such, if you call AT&T, they may force you to a lower tier to resolve this issue if the field notes indicate that the line cannot reliably provide service at the 6 Mbps level regardless of repairs due to infrastructure limitations.


Barrington, IL
I understand what you are saying and it makes perfect sense.

I did try the 12Mbps service for a bit but my highest sync was marginal so that's why I'm at 6Mbps right now.

I have records of running 5.7/0.6 from Speedtest all last year (except for a few times) up to the date of the repair.

I'm just wondering what they could have changed while doing the repair to degrade my line further. My upload speed is now half what it used to be.