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Oakville, ON

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[Internet] Bell Fibe - Ethernet Switch

I currently have "true" Bell Fibe right into the house. Currently my Bell Wireless Internet router is located in the basement which has 2 wired connections into the ports and of course wireless throughout the home with limitations.

I would like to relocate my Bell Wireless Router to an upper level in the house (for better wireless coverage), but, by doing this I will lose my direct wired port connection at this location. The direct wired port operates a smart TV. The second port is wired to the second level of the home.

I would connect an ethernet switch in place of the Bell Wireless modem, connect the Smart TV into a port of the switch. I would then connect the ethernet cable which goes to the upper level and then relocate my Bell Wireless Router into the cable at that point.

This would then allow the Bell Wireless Router be connected to the ethernet switch which is connected to the modem. The Smart TV would be connected through the ethernet switch, connected to the modem.

Would this configuration work?

If so the Smart TV in DHCP mode would get its own IP and the Bell Wireless Router would get its own as well. Is this possible and are there any special requirements or procedures in order for doing any PPOE logins or would it just basically be plug in the devices and the modem will do it automatically. Does Bell allow more than 1 IP per household?

Bell Modem(fibe) - Ethernet Switch - SmartTV
- Bell Wireless Router

I would just pull the ethernet cable which comes out of the Bell Fibe Box going to the Bell Wireless Router and plug that cable into the Ethernet Switch.

PS - Question was also posted in Bell Direct Forum as well.

When you say "Bell Modem (FIBE), you mean the Alcatel? (white box where the fiber connect) ?

If it's the case, no, you wont be able to use it the way you want. The Bell Router (sagemcom) absolutly need to be connected on the ONT (Alcatel) directly,before anything else.
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Oakville, ON
Yes, the fiber cable comes into the house into that box. The telephone service and internet come out of that box. The ethernet cable goes into the Bell Wireless router.

So what your saying the scenario I described would not work. The ethernet cable coming out of the fiber box needs to go into the Bell Wireless Router, so I am assuming this Bell Wireless Router must have the internet modem in it.

Thank you

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If you have FTTH, your wireless router is also your modem, it's a black box with green and blue lights.
I'm not sure I understood correctly but I'm assuming you have three ethernet plugs in your home (basement, 1st and 2nd level)
What you could do is plug the ethernet cable from the white Fibe box into the basement ethernet outlet, then plug your router into 1st level ethernet with smart TV plugged directly to the router, or plug your router into 2nd level ethernet and then run an ethernet cable from the router to 1st level smart TV. In either case, your TV is getting an IP from the router not from the Fibe box.


Toronto, ON
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Why not just buy wireless range /area boosters?


Oakville, ON
reply to hanke
Ok...thanks for the replies. Considering the Modem is within the Bell Wireless Router, my configuration definitely will not work.

The range of the Wireless router is the problem and dont want to get a boaster. I can then either move the Router near the Smart Tv (wall mounted) but dont want to since all my hardware for the TV is in another room and accessed via Remote Sender. The easiest would then be for me to add another cheap wireless router on the 2nd level where signal is weak and tie that into the Bell Router with the ethernet cable at that location.

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