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Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to rody_44

Re: Comcast HSI Internet only Price

It doesn't say anything about my address already having Comcast services.

Fake addresses don't lead to Comcast/Xfinity offers.

I put the address in for a house down the road that has been vacant for over three years. I got the same offers as before, 29 bundles to be exact.

Quakertown, PA

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When i say fake address i dont mean a house down the street. Like in my case i am 132 and no house on my street is 138. I used 138 and it gave me all kinds of promo offerings. Look if you dont believe me just put in 132 reservoir rd 18951 than put in 138 reservoir rd 18951. You can clearly see how its supposed to work. But again the information given to resellers is very limited and resellers dont keep the sites updated. 138 isnt even a address. Put in as many of the addresses you want and you can clearly see how they have information on what services the computer thinks you have. The official comcast site works the same way. Basically you are NOT entitled to promos on services you already have. Dont forget to use the drop down window and go to digital video. To see where the computer says i already appear to have comcast video. If i go to bundles i get 22 bundles available. If i go to just viideo which i subscribe to i only get offered a hd add on for 10 bucks a month. Better yet substitute them addresses with 175 reservoir rd and you can see the computer even says the house already subscribes to the highest tier video comcast offers and they get no promos offered for video. Do them three addresses and you will see you are beating a dead horse. Since i and the OP are both in the freedom region i assume the web site works the same for him as me. The site doesnt go by ip address it has limited access to comcasts computers and making a informed decision the OP needs to understand that.



Ok, does Comcast need to come by your house for self install kit.

They told me I have to "receive equopment."

Not sure I have 4 hours to just stay home all day for some guy to come by.

Quakertown, PA

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In the freedom region if the house is already active at the tap they can mail you the equipment. Only comcast will know if that is or is not so in your case. When did you move into the house and have you ever had comcast there? I can probably make a assumption that you recently moved into the house based on what that web site says. But if you answer we can probably make a better suggestion. I am a little confused as your tag seems to indicate ool and i didnt think ool overlapped comcast anywhere? At present my assumption would be you recently moved into the house and thats why the web site thought you had service. If that is the case you could have it mailed or you could pick it up. If its not active you are going to need a tech. If you have a modem you could plug it in and see if it locks but thats about it without more info. Your going to have to go thru comcast if you want it mailed to you. Doubt a reseller can mail it to you without any services active. Best buy Kiosks were able to do it but last i heard they were having so much problems with fraud thru them comcast was pulling out of that arrangement.