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Baraboo, WI
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Re: [DSL] High latency in south central Wisconsin

Well, things have continued to go down hill. After a dozen support calls, 3 modem swaps, and 2 router swaps, I'm now seeing 580ms average and the worst I have seen is 1500ms. Packet loss varies between 1% (at night) to around 7% during business hours. Whoever at Frontier may be reading this: everything was perfect before December 3rd 2012. Everything broke after December 3rd. What happened? I have monitoring software in place that covers all that before, and after. I gave the IP addresses of the congested spots (mainly Chicago) and nothing is fixed. Your core router in Ashburn responds in a timely 28ms but you Chicago core just 3 hours south of me certainly cannot. All of my connections have to go through there.

Anyhow, I've reached an agreement with Charter to run new construction to our building. Thankfully, Jimmy Johns is next door to us and cover's most of the ROI and construction costs. The manager there confirmed he was having problems too. I've stopped using SIP trunks and VOIP and we'll limp along until it warms up enough for Charter to do construction.


Modoc, IN
This thread is sad. It disappoints me Frontier has such issues, especially for business customers. Most ISPs at least assign you a higher priority wit QoS, and some like Comcast even run some areas on their own network separate from residential. Frontier's issues are just saddening. You'd think congestion issues would be gone considering the upgrades they're doing and the amount of Fiber they're deploying.

I wish you luck with this.
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Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV
reply to hacky0
Yes, it is sad. Frontier in many areas is behind the times. Good luck with your move to Charter.