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New Hamburg, ON

7 Rogers Wireless Accounts??FRAUD??

So I contact Rogers the other day and apparently I have 7 Rogers Wireless accounts going all the way back to 2004 and all with balances greater then $5000. So I contact the fraud dept and am dealing with a guy who then gets fired, so I ask Rogers how they think these accounts are mine, they say because I made a payment from my bank account and that they have the bank send the account information and the bank account holder name to Rogers when a payment is made, which I am almost 100% is BS in Ontario. So now they want me to go pay for information to signed off by a Justice of the peace. I said you have to be kidding if you think I'm spending money on you idiots. So my question to the Rogers fraud guy was how the hell do I have 7 unpaid accounts without the fraud system flagging it? He had no good answers. The guys name is Marco and I must say he will be great to tear apart in the court room as that is now the process im in as I am suing them. Anyone have any suggestions? I have been a Telus customer for my cell phone for years.


London, ON
When you pay a Rogers bill at the bank the ONLY thing that goes to Rogers is the amount of cash paid and the Rogers account number it's paid into. Banks do not give out customer ID and bank account info period.

New Hamburg, ON
Thats also what I figured, and even confirmed via the bank, but the Rogers fraud goof (Marco) still swears that they get all the information from the bank. lol


Scarborough, ON
reply to scorpido
If your lawyer has already served Rogers, than there's nothing else to do. You just need to let the lawyers handle it. Once you sue Rogers, the account pretty much is hands off to anyone who doesn't work in the Rogers legal department.

If you've never switched banks before, I'd go through your banking history to see if you've ever actually made a payment to Rogers.

Also the only way, 7 unpaid accounts end up under your name is usually identity theft. You'll want to contact the credit bureau to ensure that nobody has opened up accounts at other wireless providers and banks under your name. Rogers does maintain a database of known fraudsters which is distributed to all corporate stores. In addition, sales reps are trained on how to stop fraud before it happens and it is very easy to detect fraud and stop it. The fraudster likely had someone cooperating on the inside, got a sales rep with little training, or a sales rep desperate for a sale.


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I knew a guy who makes contracts go away for as little as 100$. Pretty sure his thing was to sign people up under a stolen identity.

This may be what happened to you.
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Kitchener, ON
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Re: 7 Rogers Wireless Accounts??FRAUD??

If I am not mistaken, Rogers can contact the bank to contact you. But it would be the bank that contacts you about Rogers, not vice versa. (this happened to me with my life insurance company, I got a letter from my bank with the letter from the insurance company)

As others have mentioned, get your credit report from Equifax and Transunion. You can do it online for a fee ($25 or so) or via mail for free. It's common to find errors on your report, but if you have accounts in bad standing you need to get that cleared up immediately.
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