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Modoc, IN
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Re: [DSL] Second Connect line without paying for second phone li

I'm having the second connect DSL line installed as dry loop but they said it'll be the exact same as having a normal DSL line installed so I'm basically doubling my internet price for two DSL lines.

However I'm told my area will be receiving upgrades in mid February--likely bonded DSL service. So I look at it like this: I'm having Frontier install the second DSL line now instead of later. So if my area can get bonded DSL service, I just get a new modem and I'm good. If not, I can just cancel the second line and no harm done

If anyone has experience with a second line and what I can do with it, I'd appreciate it. Ideally I'd be able to get a load balancing operation going.
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Henrietta, NY
I also had a friend, who attempted to get a second connect on two dry loops. Unfortunately, he was told by Frontier, in order to get the second connect service he had to have DSL service and an active phone line.

I am not aware of any work around the pricing concerns you have, but you can always consult with Frontier's customer service department at 1-800-921-8101.

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If you read the Second Connect requirements that were published on-line telephone service was required. After reading the requirement document I had asked if I could get the line without getting telephone service and the requirement for the telephone was reaffirmed. I have had the second connect for a about a year now.