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Michigan, US
reply to BigChief

Re: Cant connect Xbox360 wirelessly to 2Wire 3801HGV, help!

If that is indeed the problem then it should be possible to adjust the MTU on one side or the other to make it work.

You cannot adjust the MTU at this time. It has been throttled back to 576 for just about everyone.

reply to Paralel
I have no idea what mtu is. If its an mtu issue why can't I fix it? Can a tech fix it?

I tried doing a static ip with the Xbox. Didn't work. I was pretty sure I did it right based on directions i found online but can't be sure..

Also, I turned off the wireless on the gateway and plugged in my old wireless router to the gateway and set the firewall for the router to dmzplus mode in the gateway firewall settings. I now have wireless and wired Internet thru my old router with all of my previous devices connected EXCEPT the Xbox. Xbox still won't connect wirelessly.. Wtf. Again this issue didn't start with the Xbox until I switched to uverse Internet. I find it difficult to believe that the Xbox is the problem here.


Michigan, US
reply to Dshipes1
I know for a fact that my MTU is not 576. I have several services that depend on an MTU of at least 1300 and work without issue.