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Re: [DSL] Second Connect line without paying for second phone li

I heard after the first year the price goes up to $60


Modoc, IN
Ouch... Right now I'm only dedicating myself to keep the second connect line for the first month. If I find I'm not using it as much as I thought I would or if it just totally sucks, I'll be ditching it. I was assured if I cancel it within the first 30 days I won't be charged. I'll only be taking about 20 days just to be safe.

I love how $14.99 jumped up to $40 for me and possibly $60 after a year. I'm not even paying $60 for my main line! Frontier is kinda a joke sometimes... I can't wait until I can move somewhere 30mbps is normal and the route one goes to upgrade is installing fiber.
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It's funny that Frontier is upgrading to bonded lines when they cannot even bring many people in some of the same markets the current advertised speeds before the bonding was made available.


Modoc, IN
Yepp. Frontier is supposedly upgrading to bonded in an area a friend lives in. He gets 4.5mbps on a good day--maybe 4.75mbps. If bonding works perfectly he might hit 9mbps on a good day, with 7-8mbps being the norm. That's insanely low for two connections. In my current state, I might hit 12mbps, and I'm less than a mile from the CO.

It's funny. Sad too.