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[TV] Fibe TV/Internet, LAN switch/cabling question ?

Good Evening,

I just had Bell Fibe/Internet installed today, it is of the FTTN variety with , RJ11 cabling to Bell connection hub.

Currently my two receivers are cat5e connected to two LAN ports on the bell modem/router. I then run another cable from the modem to a lan switch, for my home PC network.

My issue is, one of the drops where a Bell receiver is located, I want to insert a switch between the receiver and the bell connection hub. (I have a PC on this drop that needs to be connected up)

When doing so, I lose the signal on the receiver. I've tried two seperate Gig switches (umanaged) with same results, and cabling known to be good. Its worth mentioning that I received no packet loss when pinging the receiver from one of my PC's on the LAN, while the switch was in between the bell hub, and the receiver.

Is this something I should be able to do?



Won't work, the receiver needs an IP address assigned through dhcp right from the connection hub. Putting in a router or switch will cause the fibe receiver not to sync.

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There is something wrong in your cabling, or your switch.

Putting a switch between the Sagemcom (Connection Hub) and a receiver is not supported, but definitely work.

I had that setup at home. From the Connection Hub, I had a 1st switch that was providing my basement and another one next to my tv that had my PVR, xbox, appletv, etc connected to it. So I had 2 switch back to back then connected to the Sagemcom.

Now my setup is different as I have a managed switch using VLAN, and my 2 receiver are connected in that switch, then to the Connection hub, and work fine.
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Since Bell officially stopped throttling, Bell seems to have moved into an area that they hadn't worried about.

The area is how to control the number of users.

While Bell's old official policy (Cogeco as well) was to allow 4 users on a system; any number of users didn't seem to matter. If a switch was installed, the number of users could be extended. If ten users installed Bell Security services, Bell seemed not to care.

Recent firmware updates/upgrades may only allow 1 TV receiver per a Sagemcom Ethernet port to a maximum of 3 and the 4th Ethernet port can be split for computers.

Over the past few days, Bell has disabled their Bell Internet Security service here on some computers. They now only allow 3 computers to have Bell Internet Security installed. I uninstalled Bell's software on some computers and it only works for 3 computers.

Screw Bell! I will NOT buy extra licences from Bell. Microsoft's free security is now installed on the other computers.

I used Bell security services because Bell's built in defragmenter was better than Microsoft's and Symantec's bloated software was draining my computer's performance. Other than that they are just another security free security provider if you are a Bell Internet customer.

Ever since Microsoft (and others) sell products (i.e. Microsoft Office) for 3 computers, Bell it seems is bent on wanting to paid for over 3 users and is enforcing a 3 user policy.