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Re: Bill question

Please, stop with the lame question of why are you still a customer! You, and I'm sure we all know who this anon anon is with that simple, stupid statement, as well as everyone in the world, knows that most cable company's have such a monopoly that switching usually isn't even a matter of choice unless you want to go down hill even further with some lame DSL like Frontier or worse even with satellite.

Sure, the reason anyone's bill goes up is usually on the statement, but a lot of times Charter puts that on there months a head of time and people forget. An example is this new stupid change of service fee thing that doesn't go up until March 3, I think, but was in the news section of my bill a month ago already!

To OP:
I'm assuming you're on the 30/4 plan? Price should be $49.99, which now that I looked that up is $2 more than before. Oh yeah, that's right. Charter notified me about them charging $2 more and taking away 4 channels because I don't use their set top boxes!
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Some Guy

FYI The computerized fee that is going up is only going to be applied to customer that are coming back from a non pay disconnect. As far as the changes over two months, The billing cycle is determined by the date in which the services are install but if you had a promo put on at a later date, then you will see a partial roll off over a two bill time frame.

Thanks for your insight Some Guy.

Like I mentioned before most folks have a choice between two greedy, inefficient, internet providers (usually a cable company and a telephone company) that show a disdain for the customer.

I ALWAYS like to make a distinction between the stupid
"executive MANGLEMENT" and the "rank and file" employees of these same companies because from my experience most of the rank and file employees really do try their best to help the customer even though their hands are tied by the Brass Tacks who get paid a kings ransom but usually have no clue about how to run a balanced business that makes a good profit and does a good job satisfying the customer that keeps them in business in the first place.

Again I pose the question ...what is my alternative choice when there ARE ONLY TWO BAD choices that provide internet service?

I'm waiting.