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Tavistock NJ
reply to ropeguru

Re: Just shows...

said by ropeguru:

That no matter how big they are they still do not know how to setup a redundant infrastructure.

More like they don't know how to successfully backoff a failed server software upgrade quickly.
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Its most likely run in corporate silo/tower mode.
Team A is responsible for the app
Team B is responsible for the server/OS
Team C is responsible for engineering
Team D is responsible for changes
Team E is responsible for network
Team C pushes a change to Team D, but does not include Team A in what the changes do/mean (they just support stop/start/error trapping, and are app admins)

After the 'change', something goes wrong. Everyone points fingers at team A. In typical fashion 'what changed' occurs, and a backout starts. That's where things get interesting... and all the time is spent, as you have to get the other teams involved, and they are probably offshore, and do not work nights/weekends.