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Leander, TX

Moving...hughesnet for business

Here's my situation. Have home Internet based business. Use TimeWarner cable with TMobile router for Internet phones.
My plan's speed with TimeWarner is averaging 6 mbps download and just under 1 mbps upload with NO LIMITS.
Moving to a nearby area where I believe the only option for Internet will be Hughes. I am concerned about the limits on their plans, and have read of how they are marketing the Gen4 service which is really not more of a benefit to customers. With how much you are paying, there should be no limits on their plans in my humble opinion here in 2013.
Can new customers still hook onto their old satellite and get no limits during off hours (1-6 am or whenever it is)? I can ramp down our looking at youtube videos, but don't want our access to be cobbled suddenly for something like Windows updating in the background.
Is there a software that can track how much you are using to let you know if you are nearing your daily/monthly limits?
Anyone using a TMobile phone router with Hughes?
Is there anyway to search a physical address and get what service is available for that address?
It's in an older neighborhood, so not a new house.


Cherry Valley, NY
Have you looked into Exede? (used to be Wild Blue). Been a Hughesnet customer for years. Held off signing up for the Gen4 to see others' experience, and so glad I didn't as it would have required another 2 year contract. Just starting my own business this month and Hughesnet's being almost non-existent for most weekdays past 10:30AM has finally forced me to look elsewhere. Can't even work here on my webpage, have to do it at Panera Bread. I don't do alot. Just want a web page to load! Get my mail, which is crucial to receive timely. Very lucky for me, the local Exede installer and office is a local electric co-op, so very small and responsive.

Hughesnet constantly suggesting it's my machine, my local settings. Nope. Runs fine when there's no traffic pile up. Have had discussions with them for 2 weeks. Yesterday their free home visit ("to check my settings") didn't show up and they want me to wait another week. And Hughesnet will only go by the speed tests they provide. As I'm typing this right now, mine are "looking good", but I can't download a blank Google page in less than a minute, and my account page on Hughesnet won't download at all. You can only guess the numbers of those who are trying to log in to get some assistance.

Sorry I can't help you with the software questions. Hope you can try Exede. I love my country home, but almost find myself staying in the room when traveling being once again entranced by high internet speeds at hotel! LOL

Exede coming Monday, and I may throw a party.

Good luck!


Leander, TX
The "marketed" speed for Hughes is "up to" 15mbps down and 2mbps up. Think Exede says "up to" 12mbps down and 3 mbps up - » ··· odI0cARw
I like the unmetered part, as we stay up late at times and would be useful to have. Just wish there was a way to test out the services before being hooked into a contract.

I wouldn't compare marketed speeds as a factor. Assuming both actually reached their max, the difference would be negligible. However most people have a tough time getting Hughes' marketed speeds on Gen4. Exede seems to often times exceed their rated 12Mbps.

Neither are going to compare to Time Warner in terms of latency and both have their hiccups.


Leander, TX
Thanks. So in terms of latency are you saying web pages would load say 3 seconds longer or so? I could live with that.


Lyons, OR
Traveling - you may find that your internet phone or VOIP will be kinda iffy on satellite internet (has to do with the variable latency of your connection). You'll be able to hear voice IN ok, but your voice OUT may be a little garbled......
You'll just have to give it a try and see how it works for you......
HT1000, Gen4, Power PLUS, Beam 10, Windows 7


Leander, TX
There is some type of tower in the distance with a blinking light. Need to find out if a cell tower and who that is....


Royal Oak, MI
reply to travelingone
You have an internet based business and you're moving to a place with worse internet instead of better?


Leander, TX
Yep. We like our privacy and want a bigger spread and hate HOAs
Our business doesn't require intensive high speeds for doing podcasts, VOIP, and such.